Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wind and I do NOT get on well.

Over the past few days I have been wondering why I have been a bit out of sorts and now I know. There has been a constant wind that has set me off. Now I know, I can cope with it and move on.
Anyway I am currently sitting in Gulf Harbour on the Whangaparoa Peninsular amongst a large number of motorhomes tonight. I have had dinner with my son and his lovely family across in Army Bay and walked back to “The Fredrock Cafe” afterwards. Lovely walk. Just hope that the cold/flu that the family all has was not contagious!
So in getting here I have been remiss in keeping the blog up to date but since the last walking post….and boy did my legs tell me all about it the following day! I headed off southwards towards Ruakaka, deciding that I would stay there the night in either the Harbour Board carpark or a Park Over Property. I tried to find the car park and as there were two options available I decided to have a quick stop in one of them and check out the view.
IMG_1187 (640x478)
Car park at Marsden Point 
IMG_1186 (640x478)
View from the car park
IMG_1189 (640x478)
Stock pile of wood chips and the loader creating it
So from there I wandered around to look at some interesting spots and came across where I had an interesting chat to the proprietor about a kite for the kayak. They offer some interesting fun there in the way of a cable wake board set up that looks awesome. If the wind hadn't been blowing a gale I would have had a go.
From there i wandered around to the Park Over Property up at One Tree Point where I was me by a lovely gentleman who has for years had a native tree nursery where he and his brother have gone and collected seeds from around Northland and propagated natives from those seeds and sold to various commercial entities and the general public. They are both slowing down a bit now but still have a great set up.
Park Over Property in One Tree Point
POP - One Tree Point

After an interesting evening where I managed to catch sight of a black rabbit that apparently is one of half a dozen rabbits that terrorise the nursery, and had a lovely walk along the beach
IMG_1190 (640x478)
Walk on the beach - Mt Manaia in the background.
IMG_1191 (640x478)
Walk on the beach - One Tree Point - looking out towards the Whangarei Heads
I decided that I would make steak and kidney pie for dinner and nearly burned it! but it was still yummy!
Steak and Kidney Pie - darkish

I headed off back towards Auckland where I am now. I was very grateful that I was not heading in the other direction as the was huge amounts of traffic heading north and large queues at Warkworth and south of there.
So a lovely evening, still windy but hopefully that will settle down overnight!
I will probably stay here and try for a spot of fishing tomorrow and see if the fisheries officers will be back. There were four of them here this evening checking boats, kayaks and rock fishermen for quota and size. Good to see them out and about.