Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 2 at Dicky Flat

So still a week behind but here goes.....
On Saturday morning we did a little wander up river to the river crossing. Was a great trip through some great NZ bush.

Ponga growth
When we left Dicky Flat I watched a pair of young men head out in running gear. When we got back, these two had obviously just retuned as well so I was cheeky enough to ask them where they had been. They had just run one of the tracks that has a three hour walking time and they had just run it in 45 mins!
Sitting having morning tea at the river crossing
The rest of the day was relaxing.... ie doing nothing!

The following morning (Sunday) we decided to head down to the cycle trail and head off to Waihi for a cycle. We decided to take the buses with us and move on for Sunday night. We had realised that our spots would probably be gone if we came back as there were heaps of people there.

The cycleway was a great trip and I spent most of the trip talking my sister through using her gears more. Unfortunately I think I pushed her too far and she was not feeling well when we got to Waihi so I offered to head back and bring my bus through and pick them up and return them to their bus . 
Despite that there were some great sights on the way.
Looking for waterfalls....

Weir on the river

Great little cutting

Bridge just short of Waihi

Waterfall on the way

Train snapped by Brenda waiting for me to get back

Train full of cyclists
We then had a wander around the waterfall back where we had parked the buses and then decided to head home.

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