Monday, November 18, 2013

Te Tapui and further potterings

Well an amazingly productive weekend again this weekend.
Roger had spent a great deal of the week putting together the panels to make the potting shed and so there was very little for me to do except do the final riveting.
Unfortunately Roger has a rather large hole in the thumb pad of his left hand where he tried to drill a hole with a broken drill. It has bruised badly right through to the back of his hand and up over his wrist! Good thing is that it has been healing well with not the slightest sign of infection.
So we started the putting together of the pieces.
2 walls

three walls

4 let me out!

4 walls and a roof!
Then the kiln and the pottery wheel were carefully levered, wheeled, jigged and pushed into place. Unfortunately there were three pairs of hands needed so no hands left over for pictures!
Still, won't be long before I can start work.
So yesterday (Sunday) it was decided to take a day off and go for a walk.
As I have been gathering all the bits and pieces to enable me to go tramping, it was subtly suggested that I should take the pack and fill it and carry it for the walk....mmmm
So I did and we headed off, me with pack, sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, food, cooking gear, 3 litres of water and some wet weather gear. came to about 12kg all up.
We headed up the road to Te Tapui Scenic Reserve, see Te Tapui Loop Track

We decided to walk this loop track short sharp going up and slower, longer coming home. It was good choice. It was quite a nice walk for the most part, with afew little grinds until the last long grind to the summit, which was a fair hike and was quite exhausting.
Note to self: need to get fitter!
...are we there yet?

Trying two walking poles

There were some wonderful views from the top as there is an amazing structure built at the summit to view over the bush canopy.
amazing structure
Up the stairs
View from the top

Looking east

view to the north east

So a great day was had, some people were more exhausted than others, but a good trip was had.

Unfortunately on a sad note I was rung early Monday to let me know of the tangi of the father of one of my workmates so had to cut the weekend short to head back for the tangi in Ngaruawahia.
My condolences go out to Raima, Mo and the family.

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