Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rainy day - A Thinking Day

One of the things about my lifestyle is that I can take a day off from whatever I am doing and just think, do, contemplate or create.
Today I was going to go for a blat around the Te Miro Mountain Bike Park and the weather was a little overcast, but when I went and stuck my head outside, it was drizzling, so I decided to stay in today and create some thinking things. I also did some cleaning up of clothes and reorganising the wardrobes and storage in the bus and did the vacuuming (3 mins, all done!).
So what I have thought about today was a continuation of yesterdays work, which was a reorganisation of the blog and some thoughts about adding some advertising to my page. Not sure whether it will work and I intend to keep it under control and try to get stuff as closely aligned as possible with what I am about and what I am writing about. So we will wait and see what Mr Google has to say.
Also I am doing a bit of a test fire of the kiln today but it looks like the temperature gauge is not behaving and may have been broken in the move. Not to worry I will either guess or just wait til I can get some temperature cones from Hamilton, or I can just order some online! (done!)

I am going to pause the firing at this point and wait for the cones to arrive!

So while this is going on I have been doing some research on different things and I am going to explore the possibility of creating a book of walks, bikes, kayak trips around the Waikato and if that works then the rest of the country is up for grabs.

I am going to work closely with Brenda and her photography skills and see if we can't get something done. A nice book that is able to be carried around in the car etc and used rather than a coffee table type book.

So off to the drawing board or rather InDesign and see what we can come up with.....

BTW am quite impressed with the number of visits this blog has had....2371 page views!

Thanks to all who are following/reading my blog.