Friday, December 6, 2013

Te Miro MTB tracks

Well I decided that we needed to get out and do something today as the weather was ... not raining!
So we headed off to the Te Miro Mountain bike park, which is situated midway between Morrinsville, Matamata and Cambridge. The lake is the water supply for Morrinsville.

The area is wonderful rolling green pasture full of dairy farms and very lush and green at the moment.

So we headed off, Brenda and Roger walking in one direction and me on the mountain bike in the other from the main car park. 
The pedal is down there somewhere....

yup that's me over theeeeerreeee
I headed up through Redwoods to the Snakes and they wandered up the orange road in the other direction.
Half the map, leaving more for later.... courtesy of TE Miro MTB Club 
The run through Redwoods was a bit gnarly as the bush was pretty damp and slippery, but once up into the Snakes area under the pines it was great. I followed the orange road up to the top and then came down Snake 1, crossed to Snake 2 and down through Snake 3.....then things started getting interesting, I headed up towards Two Timer and somewhere in the maze I got a bit lost and realised that I was heading up the down track, looped around a couple of times, crossing a couple of really cool fords in the river (creek?) but ended up at the road between Two Timer and Redwoods. 
Guys you really need those signs up. Even one way arrows would be good! But a read of the website and Facebook page for the MTB club, they are getting the signs printed as we speak. Not before time guys! 
But a great track, especially in the pines, the native bush areas were pretty sticky and slippery with the three days rain, but a very enjoyable run none the less.
As we were sitting back at the car park having a nibble, a woman and a dog ran up from the tracks. She was wearing Iron Man gear so I asked if she was training for the next one and her reply was no she had done two and now was helping to run then. I had a bit of a laugh as I recognised her from REAL Duathlon days and she was still working with Jane Patterson running Iron Man Pacific. I am not surprised that she didn't recognise me amongst the thousands of competitors and support people over the years, but I asked her to pass on my regards to Jane.
Now have to clean the bike, shoes and stuff before it rains.....

Looking forward to doing some more soon, and meeting up with some of the club members.