Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More power to the people….

Another post out of order….

Saturday May 3rd

Well over the past little while I have been having some issues with my solar panel and realised that the kayak is shading the panel too much so I put the word out to get some idea of what to do and how to go about fixing the issue, increasing my collection power and putting a 240v battery charger in line so that when I am on mains, i can charge the house batteries.

I ended up with Bill Geary from Bill’s Bus Stop in Tauranga. He specialises in motorhome electrics and is brilliant at what he does.

So I was due there on Tuesday May 6th (so I am now over a week behind this blog!)

So when we last spoke (wrote or read) we were leaving Tuapiro Reserve to find somewhere to park for the night. So we headed off to Omokoroa Domain to park for the evening. We arrived and were the second and third vehicle there! So we parked up and wandered around the wharf area.

It was a nice quiet night and in the morning….

Forom here we moved through to Tauranga and Fergusson Park again.

We went for a long bike ride towards Sulphur Point and came across a train that stopped us getting across the road!


We wandered across to the boar marina and had a look through Burnsco at all the neat things that we wanted and none of the things we needed so it was window shopping all the way!


So from there we meandered across to Greerton Park where we spent a rainy Monday afternoon and evening ready for the trip to Bill’s Bus Stop Tuesday morning.

So Tuesday bright and early I headed off to Bill’s Bus Stop and left my Fredrock Cafe in his careful hands to move the current solar panel away from the kayak, essentially moving it about 0.5m sideways, adding another panel, installing a new solar manager and a 240v charger and cleaning up some spaghetti in the battery compartment.

We went window shopping for most of the morning and then walked along the foreshore around 15th Ave and Grace Road. We finally got a call to say that Fredrock Cafe wouldn’t be ready til the morning so We headed back to Walton for the night and returned in the morning for me to pick up my baby.

It looked good and it was certainly charging up well. There was potential issues with the batteries as they were getting close to the end of their lives but could last a while longer. I will check them for the next few days to see if things even themselves out and they all come back to good levels.

So then headed back to Walton as I had a teleconference to attend of Thursday and then a bit of an interview in Tokoroa on Thursday afternoon for a part time contract position delivering life skills and literacy to at risk youth.

The interview went well and we will see what happens and how it will fit into my lifestyle….

So from there I headed off to Bulmer's Landing for the night where it rained heavily….

From there I moved back to Tokoroa for the night, staying at Lake Moana-Nui reserve. Met a lovely couple there who saw the kayak loader and wanted to know all about it. So I demo’d it and told them where to find one…. Ironically I got a call from Mike two days later asking me to close down the video on YouTube and to pause on the promotion for a month as he was currently totally swamped with orders.

WOW its great to know that between the video and the demo’s we have created a bit of a monster! Good for Mike’s business when he gets production smoothly underway.

From there I crossed over through Rotorua (night at the Stock Car Club) and then headed across to Maketu…. and now I’m up to date and back in order….