Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pacific Coast Highway….



Last night was spent at Maketu. A lovely quiet spot on the coast out from Te Puke.

I am heading along the Pacific Coast Highway towards Hawkes Bay.

I am sitting currently at the DoC camp at Matata.



On the way here via Tokoroa and Rotorua, I came across the Okere Falls where I was just in time to see three white water rafts going over tow of the falls.

Was quite spectacular and a lovely walk to get there.

I spent a lovely afternoon at Maketu, unfortunately the tide was wrong for the kayak and no wind for the sail boat.



After watching the herons feed, I set out down the coast to Matata and one of the first motorhomes I see in the campsite was the Flying Tortoise. I have been following his blog since coming across him on the NZ Motorhome forum.

When I dropped over to say hello there was a young man there as well putting on a large tramping pack.

I was introduced to Brando Yelavich, a 20 year old who is walking the entire coastline of New Zealand. He has been on his trek since Jan 31, 2013. An amazing young lad. I believe something like 7000km have been walked so far. He is heading back to Cape Reinga to complete the journey. He is essentially living off the land and has an inflatable raft for river mouth crossings. He has a live GPS tracker on 

His Facebook page is here

Well I’m off to catch some dinner. Will update more tonight.

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