Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Karioitahi, Waiuku & Flyscreens

After leaving Duder I headed through to Ambury Farm Park for the night and had a bit of a wander around the coastal walk.

I know realise I forgot to take a pic of the Fredrock Cafe insitu there. Ahh well!  It was very very windy there but not too bad a night. Quite impressed by the number of school children there both days.

From there I headed over towards Pukekohe as I had to sign some papers for the sale of one of the houses (finally!).

So after that little exercise I headed out towards Waiuku and Karioitahi Beach for a couple of hours…

It was VERY windy there with the wind howling off the Tasman Sea but still quite interesting.

I ended up contacting a lovely couple that I had met some months ago when I was up at the Awhitu Regional Park and they had said that I could drop by and park up, so I sent a text message and I was welcome to stay. Nick, Kristine and their daughter Sam are a lovely young family who are keen to eventually get on the road, but currently have a lifestyle block full of horses, cattle, sheep, chickens and a dog. So they care rather tied down at the moment. It will happen eventually for them.

After telling Kristine that she didn’t need to feed me, she told me that I had lucked out as she had a lovely lamb roast in the oven and would be welcome to join them. While peeling potatoes and helping Nick with dinner, we talked politics, business, world peace and the price of hay. A lovely evening thanks guys. I will be back!

So from there I have moved through to Ardmore Airport again for a couple of days.

So for my lovely friend and ex school mate Ursula here is the down low on the fly screens….

So I purchased a set of magnetic fly screens from the Warehouse (actually 2 sets).


On looking at them I decided that the edging was a little flimsy as it was very similar to the last set I had.


The object of the exercise is to velcro the screens to the door frame and then the magnets attract each other and close automatically.


In taking them on and off, the edges get frayed quickly, so a quick trip to Spotlight, I purchased some 36mm edging tape and some good velcro.


I (yes I) sewed the tape along the edges and tops of both pieces of the screens and as my door is not a nice square I had to shape the left hand edge to fit.


So once I had the shape and the edging tape on I fitted it and then sewed the velcro strips to the tape.


These attach to the other side that is stuck onto the exterior of the bus


So they now go up easily and quickly and are effective in keeping the flying insects out. All ready for the summer onslaught!

Hope this helps.

So I am heading to Manukau for my op next Wednesday then no idea what is going to happen for the next little while……