Thursday, September 4, 2014

Winter in Wellington

I am sitting here at Waikanae River Mouth Carpark after an interesting week in Wellington, the lovely capital city of New Zealand.
I arrived on Sunday in Upper Hutt to visit with the daughter of the friends I had left the Fredrock Cafe with in Palmerston North. I parked outside her place as I couldn’t fit under the power lines across her driveway.
So I had a lovely time there, ended up helping her fit two new smoke detectors (didn’t know that they expired!) and also helped her install two emergency water tanks. I was a great time talking over some interesting times in our past lives. Very cathartic after the past few weeks.
So from there I moved down to the Petone Workingmen’s Club. The weather was fantastic as only Wellington can be in Winter.
I went for a wander through Petone, found where the train station was at Ava, the closest to where I was staying and then wandered along the foreshore before heading back through the centre of town and doing my civic duty on the way by casting my vote at the library.
After competing the reason for my journey to Wellington at this point, the biennial meeting for the Training Committee, I headed out of town to the lovely Ngatitoa Domain at Paremata, where I spent a lovely quiet night. This morning the weather decided that it was going to change and it was clod, blustery and then the rain started, so I up’d stakes and headed northwards to where I am in Waikanae.  Tomorrow I may well end up as far as Levin where I hope to catch up with the Romany Ramblers again, on my way back to Palmerston North.
The weather here in Waikanae is overcast but not raining and I seem to have left the wind behind as well, so went for a lovely walk along the river to the beach and back.
That is Kapiti Island in the distance off the beach. I have been told that I need to kayak out to the northern end of the island and then head north for about 300m and there is great snapper fishing around there. Not sure if it will be this trip as the weather is packing up for the next couple of days. Still it will be there for next time.
So a quiet day bird watching on the river and reading.
Safe travels everyone.