Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fantail Bay Update

So here I am as Camp Host at Fantail Bay on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsular. It is a popular spot with motorhomers and campers and is beautiful, quiet and a great fishing spot.

So far I have managed to catch a lovely kawhai which we smoked and had in a lovely white sauce with fresh parsley.


We being my sister Brenda and husband Roger who have been here for over a week. They leave on Tuesday after their two weeks is up.

There have been the most amazing sunsets here as well.





So today is Wednesday Feb 25th! Where has the year gone already. Today is washing day and so the bed linen and washing has been done and is hanging up…


There is not a cloud in the sky and already the temperature is soaring!


So a bit of lawn mowing again today and then swimming and fishing on the menu!

It has quietened down with only 5 other camp groups in on more than an overnight basis. So it has been a very easy job and I have managed to get a great deal of the campsite mown as people leave and I can mow their patch!

Before I close off, a little tip for those of you with side lockers with catches that jam if the contents shift and block the movemet. Glue a little rubber buffer onto the inside to protect the catch and you will not have issues. (Tip from a camper)


Safe travels everyone.