Friday, June 5, 2015

Cooking via the interweb thingy.

It is amazing how many idea pass by on Facebook and other social media platforms and you think….mmm should try that, well tonight I have tried two ideas that crossed my Facebook page.

Kumara rosti and poached eggs the tidy way (wrapped in cling film)

So grated kumara, some herbs, a couple of rashers of finely chopped bacon and an egg….put into muffin pans and bake for 25 mins


That is 2 kumara worth of rosti.

Then while they are cooking, tear off some cling film, put over a cup and push it down a bit


break in an egg and then wrap up and tie


Put in a pot of boiling water and poach…I over cooked mine just a little so they were firm not runny (bad boy me!)


Put some rosti on the plate and top with egg…enjoy. Was super yummy!!!


Enjoy and thanks to whoever posted them so I could see them.

Some things do work via the internet it is not all just thingy enlargement pills and dating scams!

Safe travels everyone.

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