Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It’s a hard life….


Decided to go fishing this afternoon….

So paddled out towards the western end of Port Jackson Bay, paddled about 15 mins into about 11m of water and then threw a line over, a nice little softbait, (blue fish), saw some fish on the finder, reeled it in and cast again and bang…. ohh thought I, a rather large fish on the end of the line this time, looks like it might be smoked kahwai for dinner thought I, or maybe a small king fish. So after a couple of minutes I see this rather large snapper appear from the depths…. nice I thought. Then it got closer and the adrenalin starts pumping, this is one large fish!


Once on board I was very careful to string it and put it away very carefully so as not to loose it overboard!

Turns out it was 600mm, the biggest snapper I have caught!


So fish for dinner.

So the weather has been very kind to us here at Port Jackson over the past couple of days, my sister and her husband have been staying with me here and it has been a great week. They went home today and after doing a bit of work, decided to make the most of the lovely weather as it is due to get foul from tomorrow onwards.


It really is a lovely place that I am currently working, and lovely days like this help!

We have had some awesome sunsets too, last night for example



More after I come down from my fishing high….

Safe travels everyone.