Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Guest Blog.....

A quick post to let you know that I was asked to write a guest blog for a US website on retirement and lifestyle,
Retirement and Good Living
They accepted my words and pictures and it is now published here at my guest blog.

Also I managed to pass my first CoF (certificate of Fitness). Rear brake lining are getting lowish and need to be replaced soon and I had my wheel trims on (no-one told me I should have removed them...) but all good.


  1. Congratulations on being invited to write a "Guest Blog" for Retirement and Good Living. (A bit like being a published author, perhaps?) It was certainly interesting to read about your adventure into full time motor homing.

  2. I feel quite honoured and special.....
    A bit like a published author but I've now got 55 posts and 5464 page views on my own blog so I feel like I'm doing ok!

  3. In the US (and possibly Canada), a CoF is referred to as an "inspection" and is performed annually or semi-annually, depending on the rules of the particular state or province one has declared as a permanent domicile. If you are lucky, you needn't worry unless you are actually in the "home province". Being the "belt and suspenders" type of guy, I often get a local inspection if I am going to be in place for months.

    I've just added you to my subscriptions in Feedly and circles on G+, so should be able to keep up with your travels in future. Someday, given money and a whole lotta luck, I'd love to visit New Zealand, both islands. If you get to the States, let me know and we will show you around Maine or Louisiana, wherever I am at the time.

    1. Thanks Wil, the state by state rules and regs must drive RVers crazy. Hoping we can meet up either here or there...