Saturday, February 15, 2014

A scorcher of a day!

Well today was one of the hottest I have experienced since being on the road. I forgot to look at the thermometer earlier but it is 7:15 and it is still 28o C outside.

Still it was a beauty day, went fishing and caught around 8 snapper but they all had to go back as they were all babies. Must have ended up anchored above a snapper Sunday School for juniors. Still a lovely couple of hours on the Manukau Harbour in the lovely weather.

Had a young powerboat skipper pull up to let me go across in front of him while I was paddling out. I waved him ahead as it would have taken me far longer to get across his path. Good to see that the power gives way to paddle gets used.

Had a lovely evening last night when I was invited to drinks at the campsite next door.


They were a fascinating mix of NZ’ers, ex pat Brits, and at least on from the Caribbean. We had a great time talking about New Zealand and where it sits in the scheme of things and how we get “normalised” to things if we are exposed to them for long enough.

It was generally agreed that even though New Zealand is behind the times in some things, ahead of the world in others and is lacking population to help get the economy going, the advantages of the space, small population and exquisite scenery and location (though it was decided that we should move it around 500-1000km northward). far outweigh any disadvantages. It was a lovely evening with some lovely people.

Earlier in the day I had met up with another couple in a motorhome who were looking for the Maori carvings that were mentioned in the brochure but not actually marked on the map. We had a chat on the beach and met up again back at the campsite where they were showing a young couple through their motorhome. We all got to talking and ended up at my bus having a look through. The couple in the motorhome were intrigued with my door fly screens and when I offered them my spare pair if they fitted, it was mentioned that I was only offering them to increase my karma for the Lotto draw that night! I told them that it was the third time I had tried to give them away. I did say that if they didn't fit they were welcome to give them back. They fitted and so my spare fly screens have a great new home. They were MZMCA number 46 if I remember rightly but didn’t renew their membership for a few years and now have a higher number when they rejoined.

The young couple that we showed through our vehicles are thinking about a motorhome, but have a small farm and so are a bit ties with animals at this point in time, but they have offered me free park over anytime I drop by. They live just out of Waiuku so I may well drop in on the way out.

On my walk yesterday I came across some lovely bits and pieces. There is a lovely wetland area just behind the beach and it has been a paddock for the cows and reverted to wetland again. It is a lovely example of good NZ wetland ecosystem.


Also there is one of the interesting picture frames that the ARC is so good at.


The artwork/carving on the surrounds are wonderful.







So after my fishing trip I washed down the kayak and then did my washing and about an hour later everything was dry!


So tomorrow it’s off to explore the rest of the peninsular. I will go visit the lighthouse and the various bays across the top, Wattle Bay, Orua Bay, Big Bay and Grahams Beach.  I also have Hamilton’s Gap and Karioitahi Beach on the itinerary on the way out.