Monday, February 24, 2014

Little Boxes…..

In 1962, Malvina Richards wrote a song that Pete Seeger made famous about little boxes. Clever satire of the day, but today and for the past few days I have been making little boxes out of clay rather than ticky-tacky.


This is what they look like when I start. Cutting 6 squares out of a slab of clay and then joining them together with slip (a liquid clay that works like glue).


I then impress a pattern on the squares depending on what I feel like at the time and then join all the sides together to make a solid cube and then slice into them and make a lid. I use various shapes and designs on the sides of the boxes and in creating the lids.



The weird art deco thing in the photo above is a candle holder thingy….


So at the moment I have something like 14 boxes a candle holder, two cooking spoon holders….


and a new design for a spoon holder…


Which currently looks like a weird spider thingy but those are the supports while it dries.

So I am currently off the road for a few days still trying to sort out some stuff and getting organised for the trip to Taranaki. It looks like I am going to head to the Motorhome show at Mystery Creek on Thursday afternoon and stay until Saturday. From there who knows……


  1. All looks awesome. Specially love the boxes They are really cool. Loving that you are being creative again. :)

    1. Thanks sis, yup it's great to be back in a creative groove again.

  2. Hi there
    We are currently at Morrinsville and also plan to be at Mystery Creek for the show. Would be great if we could catch up with you there and finally get to meet a fellow blogger. OK with you?

  3. It would be great to catch up with you Jenny and Robin at the show. I'll be there Thursday afternoon and I'm sure that you will find The Fredrock Cafe no problems.....
    It's great to meet the people who are reading your blog.