Monday, February 24, 2014

Little Boxes…..

In 1962, Malvina Richards wrote a song that Pete Seeger made famous about little boxes. Clever satire of the day, but today and for the past few days I have been making little boxes out of clay rather than ticky-tacky.


This is what they look like when I start. Cutting 6 squares out of a slab of clay and then joining them together with slip (a liquid clay that works like glue).


I then impress a pattern on the squares depending on what I feel like at the time and then join all the sides together to make a solid cube and then slice into them and make a lid. I use various shapes and designs on the sides of the boxes and in creating the lids.



The weird art deco thing in the photo above is a candle holder thingy….


So at the moment I have something like 14 boxes a candle holder, two cooking spoon holders….


and a new design for a spoon holder…


Which currently looks like a weird spider thingy but those are the supports while it dries.

So I am currently off the road for a few days still trying to sort out some stuff and getting organised for the trip to Taranaki. It looks like I am going to head to the Motorhome show at Mystery Creek on Thursday afternoon and stay until Saturday. From there who knows……