Sunday, April 27, 2014

I can fish!

Well today, Monday, Yana, Dave and the kids were going home so I helped to clean up and then I moved down to the northern end of Waihi Beach


and as I wandered along the beach the local policeman drove up and we had a bit of a chat about the new graffiti  that was appearing in the village, and then I told him I was trying to work out whether to go fishing off the rocks or take the kayak out. He suggested that I take the kayak out just off the point.

I did and as I got about 400m off the shore, I heard the phone go and by the time I got it out, I had missed it. Yana then rang back to say that they were just about to leave and that her mum had given permission for me to have a key to the ‘utility’ at the section and I can park there any time I want!

So after I hung up I cast one line out the seaward side of the kayak and nothing, so then cast it to the landward side and bang, a strike. It felt good and yup a nice 32cm snapper. Just as I got it in the boat the hook came off the end of the line! But managed to keep the fish on board and then I decided to see if Dave and Yana had left yet so rang them and asked if they wanted fish for dinner. They were just heading to the petrol station and I started to paddle in, by the time I gutted and scaled the fish, Dave and Yana came down to collect it and take it home for their dinner! After many hugs I headed back out and within 20 mins had two more nice sized snapper in the back of the kayak. I then decided to call it a day as that was enough for me so I started winding in one of the reels and bang! another strike and this one was a biggie. Had a lot of fun hauling it it and so I had three nice snapper on board. By the time I had remembered the camera I had cut the head off the first one so its not in the picture.


I headed back to the beach, gutted and scaled them and headed to the bus. One went to the guy next door in his campervan and the others are now fillets in my fridge. Two fillets for dinner and some for Roger and I lunch tomorrow.

So there are fish out there and I can catch them!

By the way Mr Weatherman, lovely fine weather here today, not rain. Its now 5:15 and the weather is starting to pack up a bit but apart from a cool breeze today has been wonderful!

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