Monday, June 9, 2014

Lovely sunny Gisborne

Well its been a lovely couple of days here in sunny Gisborne, I have been staying at a Top 10 Holiday park as the Freedom Camping Season has closed!
Anyway, its a lovely spot right by the beach at Waikanae right next to the port.
Almost every morning there is a new ship loading logs.
I went out fishing on Saturday (I think). I met a young guy who asked me where I was going and when I said I had not a clue, he told me to head out to the green channel marker and from there head up the coast, there was a reef all the way up there and there should be good fishing. There wasn’t! but had a good paddle and quiet fish for a couple of hours. Had one strike but didn’t manage to hook it.
So I have been walking around town and walked along the foreshore towards town, across the bridge and up the hill overlooking the port.
I had spoken to a lady at the Gisborne iSite about freedom camping and she had said that the season had closed. Aparently over the summer months you pay a charge for freedom camping and get a rubbish bag etc. But as it was closed, she told me that they never police it and I would be safe to go anyway. I also rang the Gisborne District Council to ask about it and she told me the same thing after umming and arring for a while….
So from Gisborne I headed up the coast for some more fishing and ended up at Pouawa Beach at the freedom camping spot. I snuck into a lovely secluded spot hidden from the road and then realised that there was a memorial set up on the edge of the beach for a young man who had lost his life there. It was this year and I wasn’t sure whether there was a tapu on the site or not of if there had been was it lifted… so I moved up the road a ways and left him in peace.
It was a lovely spot and met another couple from Gisborne who were there for the weekend and were moving off later that day.
I had a lovely walk up the beach and found a lovely high heel boot.
It was a great beach for walking.
Then I headed out for a fish, managed to launch and get back through the surf without gong over!!!
I managed to catch a fish, though not sure how….
So from there I washed down the kayak and as the day was deteriorating, I decided to do some baking, so did some date scones, afghans and banana muffins.
After that was done I took a long walk up the beach and back as far as the Pouawa River. Bit big to get across.
I tried to take a 360 panorama of the beach….
So as I was tidying up and getting ready for the afternoon, I glanced outside and low and behold I have a visitor.
The seal was sitting in a little inlet of sand and was quite vocal , not sure how it arrived but there was no tracks so I assume that it came over the grass.
It stayed a while until I moved outside to start packing up and then it wandered away and settled a few metres down the beach. I did not go anywhere near it after the story in the news from New Plymouth where the man got attached just as he walked past.
Anyway I am back in Gisborne, didn’t want to get caught up the coast in the incoming weather and it is now raining and miserable.  But I have the heater going and am warm and cozy.

Safe travels!

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