Friday, June 27, 2014

Towns, cities and relatives that really aren't

Well it has been a while since I posted here so here goes with a quick catchup.
I am currently in the Hawkes Bay, Clive to be exact today. Have been staying with the ex's step mother or rather the woman who married her dad. (I think that makes her the mother-in-law but not sure)  We get on really well and I've been parked in her driveway for the last week and enjoying some food that is not my own cooking and generally helping out.
Lorraine's husband passed away about 20 months ago and she's coping but still has her moments. I washed down the outside of the house for her on Thursday and she was very appreciative. It was a good workout for me to get rid of some of the excess food that I've been eating at her place.
I have been for a couple of great bike rides, from Clive to Te Awanga and today from Clive to just past the port in Napier. About 27km today so am feeling good!
I'll be here for another week or so as I am being flown up to Kataia to deliver a workshop on the 8th. So will fly on the 7th and return on the 8th.
It is interesting when you are with friends and in the city there is far less to write about but you end up forgetting to write anything.....I find that by the time dinner is had, dishes washed and a bit of a chat and then supper it is way past the normal bedtime and I'm too tired to blog.
So today I thought that I had better at least update where I was if nothing else.

So on the way from Wairoa I was blown away by the Mohaka Viaduct.  Quite an awesome sight. So pulled off the road and wandered back onto the road bridge to get some pics.

It was a fantastic sight!  From there I wended my way through to Lake Tutira for the night.

Had a lovely visit from the swans, noisy things that they were!
Then wandered along to Napier

Those were taken on Marine Parade and were looking in opposite directions. The rays in the east were just amazing as this was sunset in the opposite direction.

So anyway having fun here and getting loads of biking in. Might get the kayak off tomorrow but its cold and .....I don,t like being cold.
At least I know my heater works really well. Heats the bus up warm and toasty really quickly!
Right off to post this and travel safe everyone!

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