Friday, October 10, 2014

Bits and Pieces….

One of the great things about having a brother-in-law like Roger is that his mind works in wondrous and mysterious ways, and when I have a project or a problem, I tend to send it to him for perusal and thought and eventually he will come up with a wonderful solution and way to create/solve said task, project or issue. So this weekend has been a great success so far.

But before getting on to those, a quick update on Joe.

DSCF2313  DSCF2314

He is doing well and tomorrow (Sunday) he and I are going to get very closely acquainted over a kneading board and hot oven.

Medical update… getting there very slowly. Dr visited on Thursday for suture removal and packing removal. I explained to him the fact that I was very unstable, suffering badly from tinnitus, vertigo and feeling of nausea. He then made another appointment to see the surgeon next week as this should not be happening apparently. So will keep you all posted.

So Task 1: I have been deliberating over some form of planter on the shelf in front of the windscreen of the bus with some flowers or edibles in and so I finally found a great planter, saucer and pot stuck together which I think will look great there.


The issue was to lock it into position so it won’t decide to head out through said windscreen of it’s own volition and create a mess. I was exploring to possibility of using some bungee cord over the saucer when Roger appears with a couple of L shaped screw hooks. “Try these”. So the outcome with some judicious plastic tubing is ….


SO there are two hooks at each end and they can be opened (not easily) for removal of planter, but when locked in the planter has absolutely no movement at all.

Currently planted in it is a patio tomato (miniature) and two Angel’s Wings. We will see how they all survive.


Task 2: There has been a bit of an issue moving my Minicat when it is assembled and rather than drag it on the keel, I have been looking around for a way of supporting the boat on wheels and enabling me to drag it down to the water. After much searching I found….

wheels 1

and surprisingly enough not interested at that price, but still the ideas started…..

SO I sent off a picture to Roger and said that I was looking to make something similar using the existing wheels for the kayak so that I didn’t have to store another set of wheels…

So after finding an old housewash brush…


we removed the handle and used it to create…..


So now with a couple of rivets, a pair of old bunge cords, a length of new bungee cord we now have….


That works like….



So I can now lift and pull from the front, protecting the keels under the pontoons, and when sailing…


It sits there beautifully out of the way and I don’t have to head back to the bus to keep it safe.

The cost…..mmmm about $2.50 all up for two pieces of bungee cord and 4 rivets (we had to redo them as we ended up with the wheels too close to the pontoons first time round. . The washbrush was heading for recycling, the bungee cords were shot so we reused the ends of them and about 3 mins of drilling holes.

So two things done and I’m now set up to have a bread making session tomorrow with Joseph.

Hopefully I’ll remember to take some pics on the way tomorrow…

Safe travels everyone…