Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Introducing Joseph….

One of the things that has been discussed by people I have met is the issue of being on my own. Isn’t it lonely? are you bored? and all the associated questions…

So I have decided to bite the bullet and yesterday I have begun a friendship with Joseph….


I have for a long time been toying with the possibility of bread making in the bus and have reached the conclusion that it can be done, and have started with Joseph, a sourdough starter. So today is Day 2 and Joseph is behaving well and has been fed today and in another 3 days I should be able to make my first loaf of sourdough bread. It is quite exciting and after viewing a heap of YouTube videos about creating lovely sourdough breads it should be a lot of fun and also enable me to have lovely fresh bread as often as I want. I am going to pick up a shelf from my kiln on the way through to add to the bread making equipment and help make great loaves. I have some that will fit into the oven in the Fredrock Cafe but if necessary I can cut one to fit.

So another health update to follow the last….

It has been a slow and wobbly recovery from the anaesthetic rather that the actual surgery I think. I went and did some grocery shopping yesterday and it took nearly 45 mins to get around the supermarket and then slept most of the afternoon, so realise that I am not quite there yet…. Am due back to get stitches out tomorrow (Thursday). There is a small incision in the back of the lobe of my left ear where I believe the surgeon took a piece of it to create the start of a reconstruction to replace the bone that he took out in June last year. This I believe has created the dizziness and vertigo issues. So hopefully due to move out again this weekend.

Safe travels…