Monday, October 20, 2014

Loaves and fishes....

Well, only the loaves at this point.
On Saturday I went over to Ambury Park to visit with Roy and Bernice, fellow fulltimers. Bernice had kindly offered me some of her sourdough starter. Not being one to turn down such an offer, I took my sister Valerie, who's driveway I am currently parked up in while I wait for the medical stuff to sort itself out.
I had baked some date and cranberry scones and Bernice had made some awesome lemon muffins, complete with cream cheese centres, lovely!
So we chatted and attempted to solve the problems of the world, unsuccessfully I must admit, but progress was made!
It was a bit of a rainy day on and off but after leaving there Valerie and I headed over to Roger's Plants in Mangere. What an amazing place and we walked out empty handed as we couldn't find what she wanted and the queues were just huge and the weather was very damp.
So after returning home I decided that I would start the bread making process.
So after 2 days of fun with dough, I have ended up with the following.

Two very different loaves with different tastes, considering that they started off from the same mix. I altered the rising and resting and kneading for each loaf and got an amazing result. The cob loaf is slightly under cooked, but still very edible with a lovely open crumb and a great taste. The loaf is a tighter crumb with a slightly stronger taste with a great crust and soft crumb.
I am quite chuffed with the result and look forward to making heaps more.

Update on what is going on.....
Medical issues still outstanding, waiting for a CT scan on the other ear as there seems to be an issue developing there....
Stone cold deaf in the left ear at the moment with not a good outlook for the future, suffering from awesome vertigo and dizzyness but have good drugs to cope with that.
So a bit in limbo for the next little bit while this all gets sorted out.....or not!
Not going to let this get to me, what will be, will be.

So after a couple of meetings this week I am heading up to the Heavyweights Rally in Warkworth this weekend, then heading up to see my lovely sister in Whangarei and maybe staying for my niece's Halloween weekend.
After that.....who knows!

Safe travels everyone.  

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