Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just a little walk

Yesterday I decided that i had sat around on my butt for too long and needed to go do something. So after radio check in I headed off up Kaiaraara Road for about 5km and headed in towards the Kaiaraara Hut down Forest Road.

As I left Akapoua Bay the views were wonderful. Started with a look at the campsite from the other side…


then as the road  climbed the views got better and better…

After turning the corner at the top of the hill and starting to descend into Kaiaraara Bay …

After checking the website it appears that the Spirit of New Zealand was sailing this way.

As I wandered over the hill later she sailed out of the bay and away towards Little Barrier Island.

So on towards the hut and on the swing bridge I stopped to take some pictures of the destruction.

From the hut I took the Bush’s Beach Track …


which meanders nicely along the foreshore and up over the ridge. Some of the slips along the way were huge!

From there I headed off on the Kiwiriki Track and then left that and headed up (and I mean up) the Line W track.

The first part f the track was straight up what appeared to be a washout but was nice and dry but a huge slog straight up, but once that was over it was a very pleasant trip through to the Forest Road Track. Seeing some of the HUGE slips on the side of the hills really sheeted it home to me the amount of utter devastation that was wrought on the island in June of 2014.

From there a nice amble down Forest Road back to the Kaiaraara Hut for a bite to eat …

And then a leisurely wander back to Akapoua Bay….

On the way back I heard on the radio the DoC HQ calling to one of the DoC staff and getting no reply. Suddenly DoC HQ called me and on reply, it seems that the missing DoC staff were heading up to Warrens Creek looking for an injured walker and that if I saw them I was to relay to them that the injured party had been picked up by the nurse from my campsite and taken back to the clinic. On arrival back at the campsite I saw that the DoC vehicle was still up the track so I headed up to relay the message. I met the two staff on their way back and passed on the message. The DoC staff member, who shall remain un named to protect the not so innocent, said that she really should have picked up her radio on the way out the door!  Anyway have not heard anything more about the injury and did not hear the chopper come in so he/she must have been ok.

So another group of kayakers arrived yesterday. a group of 6 circumnavigating the island. Having a great time and enjoying it. Again an older group of very experienced sea kayakers. They are taking a rest day here today and have just headed up the Warrens Creek to the waterfall.

A washing day today so all done and hanging out in the glorious sunshine. not much breeze today so might take a bit more than 45 mins to dry today!


and while I have been writing this I didn’t notice that I had acquired a little friend.

These little guys are so friendly and inquisitive. I am really impressed with them, they make some weird very un-duck like noises but are cute.

Looking to go for a paddle this afternoon and maybe catch a fish later!

Safe travels everyone.

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