Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rest Day at Awana

After yesterday’s exercise my legs were telling me that some form of exercise was partaken in. So it was a quiet start to the morning.


At high tide I decided to have a little paddle down to the surf beach about 300 metres down the estuary.

I then decided that the surf was a little rugged for me this morning so I then turned around a paddled back up the estuary.

On the way I came across a tree full of shags….


So as I drifted towards them I tried to take some pictures….

Managed to get a couple of interesting shots amongst the rubbish. Might go back later and get some more.

So I meandered way up the river for about 20 minutes until I could go no further due to the manuka blocking my way. Didn’t quite get to the road bridge which was my aim.


On the way back I realised that it was a pretty high tide and remembered that I had seen the new moon last night so wasn’t surprised that when I got back towards the camp that I could paddle right up onto the grass….

The weather is clouding over from the west as I write this, after having some lovely cheese, ham and fresh herb scones for lunch. No idea what the weather is going to do, could do with some rain as the camp is extremely dry.

So I am going to relax for the rest of the day and give my legs time to recover.

Loads of blogs to upload when I get back into coverage!

Safe travels everyone!

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