Sunday, January 25, 2015

Moving Day.

So Tuesday was an interesting day. I woke up and decided to go for a walk up Coopers Castle. Which is about a 2 hour walk up the hill to an amazing lookout. On the way the views were just fantastic. I walked from Akapoua through Port Fitzroy and up the hill to the track and then headed up.

The track was obviously not used a great deal this season due to all the leaf litter strewn around. It was an interesting trip with some views that are indescribable.


This is looking westward over Port FitzRoy Harbour and Kaikoura Island.

I left at 8:30 and returned at 1:00pm. So I was quite pleased with the time.

The shot of the green ferns is quite neat as it would make an amazing bed, soft and springy.

So then on Wednesday I decided to move on. Leaving Akapoua was a bit sad having been there for over 4 weeks.

So I wandered across the hill to Okiwi, said farewell to Brett who was heading off to the mainland that afternoon to deliver his two boys to boarding school, have a trip to the folk festival at Kumeu and then back to the Barrier after a weeks break.

I then headed off to Whangapoua Camp. A lovely spot on the eastern shores and quite amazing.


This is the view looking southwards from the camp.

It is a lovely spot, quite exposed but there is shelter, and when the tide is in it is amazing but when the tide is out its even more amazing. It must be a trek of about 500 metres to the actual beach and its a loooong way dragging the kayak even on wheels. But I did and went for a bit of a fish…..

Sadly another quiet day on the water but still a lovely paddle and after passing a boat with two guys in getting ready to have some fun in the surf….

I stayed and watched while two surfers and the two paddle boarders had a great deal of fun.

I successfully made my way back to shore backwards! It was great way to do it, able to keep an eye on the incoming breakers and just gently backing in and keeping things on an even keel. Came in through some large breakers and yes got wet but stayed upright and in the kayak!

Today the weather was different! I was getting ready to head out again in the kayak when I spotted some interesting clouds and decided to wait to see what was on the cards…..

Just as well! The wind picked up with a vengeance and I ended up having to take the awning in as the wind was flapping it around a lot, even tied down! So it has been a very breezy day today and there was a group of people arrive and headed off across to the beach and soon there were three wave kites in the air and a blow kart flying up and down the beach!


The sole female came in after about 3 hours and we started chatting. Most of them are off a super yacht that is currently in the Pacific and they are all on a short holiday. I told her that I had taught the crew of Red Dragon 2 about editing and she laughed and said that her boyfriend was the videographer/editor on-board.

So after they were all back I was asked to take a photo of them all as it was their last day on the Barrier. We then got to talking and when it was found out that I used to teach Final Cut Pro (the Apple editing application) I was asked if I would be interested in doing some training aboard the yacht! Heck yes! He is going to speak to the captain and see when they can organise something. Apparently they do a fly in, fly out thing for instructors and trainers. Would be great! We shall see if anything comes from it.

So the agenda has altered a little and I am enjoying the slow pace of island life! Tomorrow I will wander up to Windy Canyon and through to Mt Heale Hut for the night, all weather dependant.

Well as there is no internet access where I am currently this will have to wait til I get somewhere that does! 

I looked out the window a moment ago and was horrified by the number of rabbits around, there must be hundreds!


Safe travels everyone!