Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hastings and more….

Well it is really interesting hitting towns and meeting friends and family, nights get later and blogging goes out the window.

Anyway yesterday I did a great bike ride. Starting in Hastings, heading out to Havelock North, out to the coast via the Tuki Tuki River, along the coast to Clive and then back to Hastings. Over 35km and again a horrible slog back into a head wind!

Cycle ytrip

Still a great ride.

After a quick shower I headed out to meet up with the Romany Ramblers, Jenny and Robin. They were staying at a park over property just out of Hastings, I decided that I would stay the night to give us a great chance to catch up and we had a lovely catch up and was great to see their new caravan. It still has the lovely new caravan smell… and lovely blue led lighting! They seem to be enjoying their new van but have a couple of minor niggles with it, which is so disappointing!


I have stolen the pic off their blog!  hehehehe

Saturday was a lovely day in the bay and I headed out towards Clifton to have a look and stayed at the Te Awanga reserve. Lovely quiet spot.

Before that I have spent time at the Evers Swindell Reserve in Clive, having a bit of a kayak, bike ride and walking. Its a lovely spot beside the Clive River.

So I’m now heading into a very full and busy week. Will post again as I can.

Safe travels and keep safe everyone.

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