Friday, September 27, 2013

Bus named, bike ride and measure up.

Well its been a quiet week, but an awesomely busy and exciting weekend.
Friday morning arrived at Matamata Motor Trimmers to finally get the name on the bus.
It was a great morning, he did a wonderful job. Finally remembered to take some during pics.....

Naked bus in Takanini
Adding the name
Making sure its all stuck down
Finished product

Then I drove across to Te Aroha to meet with the engineering company who are going to make the kayak loader for Fredrock Cafe. I was a bit early so I decided to go for a bit of a blat on the mountain bike. Mike at Cullen Engineering suggested I take the Te Aroha to Paeroa Rail Trail, nice and flat and just next door to where I was parked. 

I grabbed a couple of One Square Meal bites, a water bottle and headed off.
Not too far, I thought, just out for half an hour and then back. Not counting on the beautiful day, flat as ride and the thought that I need to get back into some exercise and start getting out to see the sights. This after all is what this is all about!
So for a little about the Hauraki Rail Trail have a look at  the Hauraki Rail Trail website.
It was an awesome ride, bit of a bit more than I should have but managed to get there and back.
Lots of cute little bridges

Long straights

Loo stop and shelter

Half way there, not all I have to do is get back....

Great sign board giving the history
Once I got back to Te Aroha, the guys were doing the final bits of measure up on the bus, so I managed to get some pics there too!
Finding the struts

They run lengthways guys....

Then a trip back to Walton for awesome pork and prunes done in the slow cooker! 

Its great to be doing these things now instead of just thinking about them and seeing some great NZ countryside.