Saturday, September 21, 2013

Man Flu

Lack of content due to having a dose of the flu. 
Thanks to my boss who was caring and sharing and brought hers to work, I have been laid up with the flu for a week now. 
I hate it most when you are on the mend and you think you are getting better and try to do something and you end up with a slap upside the head when your body says "nah, not today mate!" and the doctor that I went to said to take it easy and let your body recover.....
Well thanks to my sister Val who has kindly let me park in her driveway while I'm recuperating and allowing me to sneak inside to watch the Americas Cup racing, then back to bed. But today we are starting to see some improvements so will be getting my act together to head back to Huntly tomorrow or Monday depending on how things go.
I had been thinking that I had done so well over winter not to get a cold, and then wham. But I suppose it's a bit of everything at the moment, getting into my new home, clearing out the old, into the new, the stress of that and everything and my body has said "nuf now, need a break". 
So will sign off for now, hopefully tomorrow will bring a good result in SF and I'll be feeling much betterer.