Monday, September 2, 2013

Of No Fixed Abode

It's official, I am now of no fixed abode. I handed over the keys to the rental agency today and that was it. Actually quite an anticlimax after the awesomely frantically scary weekend.
On Saturday while cleaning out the house it suddenly hit me. I'm getting rid of a huge amount of my life, paring it down to what will fit in The Fredrock Cafe. Leaving so much behind and heading into the huge wide unknown.
For me this was a "OMG what the heck have I done" moment and it freaked me out a bit....ok a lot. I then rang my awesome sister and husband and asked for help. For anyone who knows me this was a huge thing and such a leap forward from where I have been. 
I have suffered from depression for a number of years and believe that although I am hugely better, I have to be very careful about how I handle situations. So rather than let the packing up get the better of me I reached out and asked for help. A quiet word to those out there who are in similar positions, don't be afraid to ask for help, there are people out there who want to help, are happy to help and expect not much in return. 
Without the assistance of Brenda and Roger I would never have achieved the move out of the house. While thinking about how I could ever thank them for the work in assisting me to pack up, clean and sort, I realised that words could never convey what they meant to me, so I have decided to thank them by going out into the wide green yonder and have an awesome time. When I told them this they were stoked and only asked that I take them with me occasionally!
So out of the house on Saturday, a trailer load, the 4wd loaded up and most of the bus chocked full of stuff, including book cases, chests of drawers, tables and heaps of stuff to be sorted.
Sunday was a day of sorting stuff, organising where things were going in the bus (Brenda is a great organiser) and Roger and I washed The Fredrock Cafe, we started designing a shelving unit of the side locker and sorted more stuff for storage, stuff for getting rid of and now I believe I am almost there.

I sit here eating my dinner, on site, where I will be for work days, til November when I leave work and head off into the wild green of Aotearoa. The weekend behind me was hugely exhausting, both physically and emotionally and I am looking forward to concentrating on work for the next three days.
It is Money Week and I have to admit that I haven't done half the stuff I should have for this week, but have a World Cafe session with the YWCA in Auckland tomorrow evening and a special seminar on Thursday.
I also have to mention the House Warming Package that my wonderful sister Lorna sent me. A combination birthday, bus warming package, including some awesome treats like Kitkats, TimTams, Pringles, Hummus, Camembert cheese, cream cheese with yummy stuff in it, crackers and Toffee Pops to round it all off. She's awesome is my sister Lorna! 
So as the sun sinks in the west to end another awesome spring day, I sit in The Fredrock Cafe having eaten a pork chop with roasted kumara, potato and carrot. I am so grateful to have the friends, family and support that has surrounded me over the past while. It is exciting, daunting scary but I am so looking forward to this the next chapter in my life.
When I find which hidey hole the camera is in, I will take some pics of the Fredrock in it's new home.