Saturday, September 14, 2013

More work and adjustments

Another weekend sees me over in Walton again, after catching up with friends in Titirangi on Wednesday before flying to Wellington on Thursday for a meeting. Great weather in Wellington!
So some more work in getting some minor rust spots sorted by the doorway and a new front piece on the bottom step to tidy things up. I am slowly sorting out storage and cupboards and how/where things sit and fit. Awesome fun!
Helped Brenda and Roger remove the corrugated iron fence to make way for the new trellis fence, and washed The Fredrock Cafe. So heading to Manukau tomorrow for a specialist appointment to follow up on my ear operation, but before that I will go over to Matamata to start getting the Frederock Cafe decal made and another look at the electrics. I have suddenly lost half my capacity! We had a good look but couldn't find anything wrong, but that doesn't mean anything because we are learning how things are wired so don't know much!
We are learning fast.

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  1. Help with fence much appreciated. One post concreted in today and levels done for the next 6.