Friday, September 27, 2013

Gentle walk to loosen up from yesterday

So last night Brenda and Roger asked where I thought we should go for a walk today. I didn't know so they suggested doing the Te Waihou Walkway.
A great little track between Tirau and Putaruru. The Waihou river is spring fed and is crystal clear and that is where they take the water for Pump water and bottle it at the plant in Putaruru.
Here is a selection of photos from the days walk.

Big Sis at the starting point

So so clean

Style without a fence

Old jetty

Tui feeding

Neat little walkway and bridge

Crystal clear water all the way

Very pleasant walk

Great countryside

Piebald lambs

Water wheel, turning but not pumping

Awesome little waterfall

How clear is that! at least 2m deep

River through a bit of a gut

The source of the river in the shade there, awesome blue colour

Looking downstream

The Blue Lake which is the main source of the river

Here is the map where we walked.

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyWalk

Brenda also took some great pics of the day.

Tui acrobat

Frederick taking pictures by the water wheel

The source of the river

Piebald lambs

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