Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jones Landing and the media

A beautiful piece of paradise…..

but before I head off there, I must say that I have been in the media a bit over the past week. While attending the Camper Care Motorhome and Caravan show at Mystery Creek I was interviewed by Jesse from Seven Sharp and then was asked to do a press interview for the Waikato Times.

The story can be found here…  http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/news/9777706/Motorhome-enthusiast-has-world-at-his-wheels

and the Seven Sharp piece is here…http://tvnz.co.nz/seven-sharp/glitz-glamour-motorhomes-video-5854652

It has been interesting who has come across these. I follow a Google+ community in the US called RV Navigator and they came across the Waikato Times article and mentioned it on their Community page and I also get a mention in their podcast of the week!

Anyway back to Jones Landing….

A lovely spot to try out my new toy.


It came in the bag above and after some assembly it looks like….









The fact that I was the only person there at the time means that you don’t get to see me on the water, but next time.

It sails really well and was a load of fun. Was out for about 3/4 hour the first time, just getting used to it and getting back into sailing again. Unfortunately the wind picked up too much to get out for a second run in the afternoon so I repacked it all and believe it or not managed to get it all back in the bag!

As I was putting it together, I ended up with a shackle left over and after about 1/2 hour trying to work out where it came from, I realised that it was the one that Ulf had used to hold the rope they had used to hang the catamaran at the show!  So I have a very nice stainless shackle. Might use it on the anchor for the kayak!

So if anyone is interested in an awesome sailboat that fits in the boot of your car, let me know as I can get a 10% commission on any sales I send their way, and they also get a free 12v air pump as well!

So now a reorganisation of the storage areas to fit it in…..

It has been a bit of a week for me, with a bit of stress tied in with a bit of fun but now getting closer to heading off to Taranaki, but will be trying to get to the Freewheelers Rally at the end of the month. The Freewheelers are a group of motorhomers/caravaners on their own and meet every 5 weeks or so.

I’m back at Walton again to get a firing done in the kiln this week so will keep you posted about that.

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  1. Hi there
    So you are a media star now - congratulations! The Waikato Times news item was very well done, we thought. We had already spotted you on the Seven Sharp clip with your travelling garden. But did you notice that Jenny was also shown going into our caravan, carrying her pink laundry bucket? Just for a split second, mind you.