Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rewewhakaaiti DoC Camp

Well the cell coverage over the past few days has been really crappy so haven’t managed to post any updates but here goes.

Currently sitting on the foreshore of Lake Rotorua updating this.


The weather today is perfect as you can see but the past couple of days have been interesting.

I have been at the Ash Pit Dept of Conservation campsite at Lake Rerewhakaaiti. It’s a lovely site that is right beside the lake and has lovely toilets, shower rooms for your solar showers and a nice covered cooking area.

I used the opportunity to try out the new side wall for my awning. Works well, but is a trifle tricky getting it in by myself, but I have hooked up a rope to assist pulling it through.

Yesterday the wind was howling through the camp from the south and it was cold, but the best was Tuesday with the thunderstorm that travelled through.

The thunderstorm was a beauty, lasting a couple of hours and bringing some well needed rain. Unfortunately the next day was strong southerly winds and cold temperatures, so a good day for doing little. I did end up walking down the track around the lake to the other DoC campsite off Brett Road. A much smaller campsite and not very flat. It was empty at the time of my visit but when I left this morning passed it and there were quite a number of campers there. There were a large number of vehicles at the Brett Road Reserve a few km down the road as well.

Interesting to note that there was a large motorhome that had arrives at the campsite and tried to put his satellite dish up. It went round and round for about 5 mins then he put it down and drove off. He was parked down at the reserve as I went past this morning.

Its been a quiet few days but very relaxing, though I haven’t been particularly active. I’m thinking of staying in the area for a while and seeing what’s here and having a look at all the lakes in the area.

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