Sunday, March 2, 2014 forum get together

Well what a great few days!

It has been great meeting people and putting faces to names and having some great discussions and solving the problems of the world and in general having a great time.

I met a whole lot of great people both blog readers and forum members and some who were both!

It was great to meet so many lovely people.


The revised campsite for the forum members way out the back of beyond, but it turned out that the organisers of the show underestimated the numbers by a country mile and they had to open up more space for rally parking. On Friday night it was estimated that over 300 motorhomes were parked in the rally area.

It was a good show, loads of new vehicles and quite a bit of other merchandise as well. Possibly not as much as most of us would have liked, there were quite a few businesses not represented but still managed to spend two full days looking and yes I purchased a couple of things…. more on that soon.

I can across a few very interesting things while wandering around the show. The best by far was a bike rack with a difference.


Not sure I have got it at it’s best but a wonderful piece of art deco engineering.


The sunrise on Sunday morning as I left Mystery Creek.

I headed up to a meeting in Pukekawa and then back to the show to pick up my new toy.

On the way I stopped off at Mercer for a cup of coffee and take some pics of the river and bridge.


After that I headed down to Moana Reserve #1633 for a couple of days to settle things down a bit.

There were a couple of other vehicles at the reserve when I got there and the lake looked awesome.


So after a rather noisy night due to State Highway 1 being just above and behind the reserve, but once the vent shut at 1am it quietened down.

This morning after a lovely breakfast covered with the lovely pourable fruit thingy that was in out goody bags from the rally, I went for a lovely paddle on the lake.

There were some lovely bays and beaches on the trip south on the lake. I cane across an interesting little shack, couldn’t work out whether it was a duck hunting hide of a very long drop….


The bridge is the one on Maungatautari Road just after it leaves SH 1. Loads of campervans heading over it as I paddled underneath it and came back.

On the way back the wind picked up and the rain arrived and I got wet and blown around a bit with some interesting waves being whipped up. While I was battling the elements I was reminded of a little incident that happened at the rally at Mystery Creek. I met up with a lovely couple who are fellow bloggers, Jenny and Robin, The Romany Ramblers. 

IMG_2688I had shown them through the Fredrock Cafe and  Jenny had said that she was worried about my safety especially as I kayaked about. I did explain that I let people know where I was heading via text or via the blog, but I also carry my Personal Locator Beacon with me when I head out by myself. It felt very nice to know that a relative stranger was worried about me! Now that I have met them I hope that we will meet up again as we travel around.

So as I sit here in the early evening alongside Lake Karapiro I am again aware of the lovely country that we live in and the lovely people that live in it.



Tomorrow I am heading over to Jones Landing for a bit of a look see and hope the wind dies a little so I can try out my new toy….. more to come on that…