Saturday, March 22, 2014

On the road again….

Horahora Domain.

Well tonight I am off again towards Rotorua this weekend for a rally. I spent the day in Hamilton getting things together, I needed a new gasket for the loo (needs to be ordered) and to find some awning rail to mount on my awning to accommodate the new side that I got at the show (got).

I have been creative for a week or so and I now have 10 of the garden plant markers and their wire pegs up for sale. I also have an assortment of boxes as well.



The plant markers do not come with the names on hem (thanks Photoshop) but any sort of Vivid or Sharpie will do or you can use a chinagraph pencil. I decided not to do the names as you can use these for herbs, plants, flowers, shrubs etc.  



The other things in the pics like the cooking spoon holders are not ready yet and one broke while I was working on it. The flat leaf spoon holder is spoken for.

I am open to commissions but will not be able to do things quickly as I intend to be on the road now for a few months.