Monday, April 6, 2015

and Back to Empty (for a while)

Easter is now over….


and only one issue with a firearm (air rifle) to contend with. I believe that I managed it OK considering the person and the situation.

ON Sunday we had a rather interesting visitor to the camp….


Almost everyone partook of the treat on a lovely warm autumnal day.

While I was doing the washing the other day I managed to lose a button off one of my lovely hand towels that my sister Lorna had made for me.


After searching high and low and not managing to find said button I decided to make one from a bit of driftwood to replace it.

Using some sanding bits I have for the drill and a small nail to drill the holes I managed to produce a sort of button. Unfortunately the wood had a bit of a crack which is why the button is a bit lopsided. I am pleased with the rustic look and whats more it works!

Yesterday (Monday) the camp emptied out completely and for a couple of hours I was totally alone here. Was so peaceful and quiet apart from the constant traffic leaving points north of here and heading southwards.

During the afternoon the sea settled a bit and I went out late in the afternoon for a bit of a fish, caught some small non-legal snapper that went back, had a number of interesting tussles with some larger fish that refused to hook up  and had a lovely relaxing time out there. So sunset for Monday April 6th is from the water.

Today I am sitting waiting for Tim from Fletcher Bay to come and pick me up for a ride into Coromandel Town to do some shopping, there are a couple of things I am getting low on and as I am not heading out until the 13th for my doctors appointment I will grab a couple of things to tide me over. It will be interesting to get out of camp for the day.

Currently I have a father and two children and a couple in camp. The children are very loud and tend to fight with each other (boy 9ish and girl 7ish). May end up having to talk to them about creating ‘camp voices’ while they are here, to respect other campers.

Yet another beautiful day here today, not a cloud in the sky and just a zephyr of a breeze to stop it becoming too hot.

Will attempt to get this posted before Tim gets here.

Safe travels everyone.

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