Friday, April 10, 2015

Baking and the Weather

Well the weather has turned a little and the campsite is almost empty, so it has become a bit of a baking/cooking couple of days.

Bread rolls…


Fejoa crumble made with fejoas from John and Joy the normal camp managers here, who dropped in on their way to Fletcher Bay to relieve Tim and Miriam who are about to go on leave for 6 weeks….


and four quiches of bacon, cheese, beetroot, carrot and other bits and pieces


Yes I know that there are only three there but I had one for lunch today and some date and cranberry biscuits that I didn’t get any pics of…

The wind is currently coming from the north and west and the sea is pretty rough and we are getting the occasional shower but Thursday’s sunset was interesting…


So more weeding has been done, I have almost completed the third tier garden and have created a couple of walkways through the middle of the tiers.


Lawn mowing is up to date and apart from the weather all is well with the world.

I am currently listening to “A Traders Tale From the Golden Age of The Solar Clipper”. A series of 6 books written and read by Nathan Lowell. A really great space opera series that I started reading in kindle form but couldn’t wait for the final three books to be published so I downloaded the podcasts. He reads them incredibly well and they are an absolute joy to listen to. This is about the forth time over the years that I have re-listened to them. If you are into science fiction novels they really are a must read (or listen). 

Today (Saturday) there will be no fishing as the prevailing wind is from the south west….


The left hand picture is where the boat ramp is….it is

The rain has passed over and it is a beautiful fine day apart from the wind and I have managed to complete the major weeding of the three terraces and have started on the front bank outside the camp.

Still cannot manage to get a night by myself in camp, just had a campervan pull in from Oamaru. Their first time up this way. They did call in earlier on the way up to Port Jackson and Fletcher Bay but decided to return here.

I am looking forward to another “day release” on Monday when I head back to Auckland for the night and a visit to my ear specialist for a check up and a bit of a grocery shop. Good timing as I have just run out of manuka chips for the smoker!

Safe travels everyone!