Saturday, April 4, 2015

From Whoa to Go

So on Wednesday there were two of us in the campsite and yesterday I was wondering if we would were going to have to get the camp full sign out!


We have a lovely bunch of people, some families, a group of 10, most related, who have been coming here for Easter for 20 years, and a few couples. When I saw the booking for 10 males I thought that we could be in for a bit of fun, but they are a great bunch, out fishing in their boats all day.

It has been hard work for everyone fishing at the moment but there are some good sized fish coming in. I have come back empty handed two days in a row, but I haven’t been too serious about it, just enjoying the relaxing out on the waves. It’s been very therapeutic and a change from weeding the gardens, just to relax and sit quietly in the lovely weather and be rocked by the waves.

Last night was a lovely sunset again….

The moon is starting to fill out and cast it’s lovely light across the campsite overnight.


Tonight I believe is full moon so I will try to get some pictures. 

There has been a distinct lack of campervans and NZMCA people this weekend and I am not surprised due to the National Rally at Pukekohe this weekend. So that is probably why things are not quite full. Port Jackson has two spare sites and Fletcher Bay has a few but things are pretty busy this weekend. At least the weather is holding out.

So far this weekend I have had a half a kawhai, in return for smoking the whole fish, 4 lovely large snapper fillets in return for some cooking oil (two of which will be my dinner tonight), done with a teriyaki sauce and pasta.

Tonight’s sunset was quite magnificent…


and the aftermath was even better…

As the fishermen came in today they were all commenting that it was hard work out there and although there were some rather good looking fish caught, there were not large numbers brought in. One of the campers that arrived this afternoon went diving and came back with two crayfish!  So fish are being caught but it seems that they are not in the numbers that people are expecting.

Before I lock this off, I looked up and saw an amazing thing in the sky…


The moon is rising behind the hill and reflecting onto the clouds. I have no idea what the yellow blur is, possibly a bird flying through the scene.

It is going to be a lovely evening and I had better get this loaded up for you all to read.

Safe travels everyone.

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