Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Finally a Fantail at Fantail Bay


It is not that good but I caught it as I was walking back from getting the nightly sunset shots on the beach. 


Quite a good sunset tonight!

Today was a full on day with my boss Karl arriving along with Tim from Fletcher Bay and 150 metres of pipe in two coils. So we re-ran a major length of pipe and removed some older pipe with a few joins in and so now hopefully we have a good constant supply of water for the camp. The irony is that it will all be replaced within a year with much larger pipe to run a hydroelectric plant down in the campsite. This should happen with the next year.

So after spending a rather strenuous few hours hauling pipe through the bush I then managed to get half my lawns mown as I have not had my lawn mower for the past few days as it has been off at Port Jackson and Fletcher Bay.

IMG_1660It has been a very exercise full day so I will sleep well tonight!

I have managed to do some weeding while the mower has been away…


I have managed 1 1/2 of the 3 little separator gardens between the terraces so plenty of work to do on quiet days.

Now one little thing that I forgot to mention earlier that I came across on my quick trip up to Kaitaia the other day. One the way back through the Maungamuka Gorge we came across this…..


yup a truck on it’s side off the road. He had taken the corner too fast and toppled over, There was a crane there as we went past about to try and right it.

So life here goes on, the weather has calmed down from a blustery south-westerly which created some quite choppy conditions


to a perfect day today


and the sunset…..

Easter i looking like it might be a bit busier that I am experiencing at the moment but we shall see. Have a couple of large bookings.

Fishing is a bit sparse at the moment but I hope to get out tomorrow morning before tackling the last of the lawns before Easter.

Have a very empty camp tonight with only 2 young German boys, one young French couple and a single NZ guy who is here to fish for a week.

Not much to report so safe travels everyone.

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