Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Next Excitements….

Well things have moved on a bit and it has been a while since I posted but I thought I should let you all know what was happening in my rather interesting life.

I moved from Fantail Bay on Tuesday after ANZAC weekend and travelled the ginormous distance of 7 kilometres up the road to Port Jackson where I am taking over and becoming the winter camp manager here.


This is my temporary spot until the current managers Jennifer and Len head out (Friday if things go according to plan). The weather here has been interesting for the last few days, with huge winds and rain at Fantail Bay to see me off. I actually waited until Tuesday to move as Monday was just atrocious weather with high winds (50 knots) so I did not want to be on the road in that! The wind is coming from a north-westerly direction at the moment and it is making for some interesting times.

I have spent the day in a learning situation back on the computer and getting the grey matter churning and learning the computer booking system!  Whew, I am exhausted, but Jenny is a great teacher so I am getting things down well.

The sunset this afternoon was quite interesting, it looks like I may be getting some great ones here as well but not quite the same of course.


The Fredrock Cafe is rocking and rolling tonight as I write this!

Well I am going to be settling in here for the next 5 months until the end of September. I have no cell phone coverage here on the Spark network but there is Vodafone coverage, so when I get my new phone……

Oh must tell you about my incident…. about a week ago I was down on the rocks at Fantail Bay fishing for piper (live bait) for a pair of young Welshmen Toby and Matt and my iPhone slipped out of my pocket. I didn’t realise this until some time later and went hunting but couldn’t find it. The two places I was crouched led to deep water and so I believe that it now lies deep in the water at Fantail Bay! So insurance claim put in and the whole rigmarole over proof of purchase etc, etc, etc. Luckily I was able to supple serial number form my Apple account so that has helped. So when I get a replacement I will get two sim cards, a Spark and a 2Degrees I think. Will help up here being on 2Degrees as they hang off the Vodafone network.

So that was the little excitement for that week.

I do really enjoy my job as Camp Manager, you get to meet some amazing people, I spent a very wet afternoon playing a weird version of Gin with two Frenchmen and a German. Lovely people and had some wonderful tales to tell of their New Zealand travels. It has been great to be a part of their NZ experience and hopefully help them to have a great time while in my camp.

Currently in Port Jackson we have 2 motorhomers, one young German couple and a single German woman. That is all in a camp that has 113 sites. So rather quiet at the moment!  Not surprised with the weather we have currently.

Anyway must get this posted and get my dinner together, fresh mushrooms and bacon and some rice and veges.

Safe travels everyone!