Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wrong side of the bed...??

Today has been one of those days. Started off well, and then things got just plain weird.
Rule #1 Don't take The Fredrock Cafe off road. I was being very careful by not going down the old driveway and pulled off onto a piece of grass by the letterbox and managed to sink the wheels of the bus about 6" into very soft ground. Apparently there was about 4" of rain over the last 24 hours. Things were very boggy!  Couldn't get my baby out so left her while I borrowed car and trailer to deliver washing machine, table and chairs and sofa and lazyboy to various people from Takanini to Pukekawa. Managed to get a metal splinter in my finger which hurt like heck, bled everywhere when I tried to remove it, split the tarp covering the load and had to stop on the motorway to retire it, then had to stop at the next service station for another pair of tie downs.  
Rain, rain, rain, wind, hail, rain..... Not the best weather to transport stuff like that around in, but managed to get everything done and the farmer next door was awesome in pulling me out of the mud with the tractor. Thank you very much, was really appreciated.
So when I got home back to Huntly the clean out and load in began. I started with the cutlery, pots and pans, baking stuff and the fridge, freezer. Amazing how much stuff I can put in my home!
In the middle of this I decided to make dinner in the bus for the first time, had to change the gas bottle and figure out how to light the oven, but dinner was delicious. It's going to be interesting getting used to a gas hob again and learning how to use a gas oven. 
Things have settled back down, but it really was a day of things not going right, time and time again. I believe I know why and will try to ensure that I don't disturb the ether that way again.
I also managed to stop off at Noel Leeming and spent a bit of money on a new laptop and a GPS. Awesome discount for being a NZMCA member, over $350 discount! Thanks to the NZMCA and Noel Leeming.