Sunday, April 27, 2014

Activities galore….

Well this weekend has been a great time.
On Saturday Dave and I headed down to Anzac Bay to see what footage we could get from various cameras and GoPro’s etc of me sailing.
It turned out to be a wonderful day and some fantastic sailing was had.
We started off with the GoPro camera on the forestay ….

This is a still from that footage. I will get some videos uploaded as soon as I can.
Then we put it up the top of the mast….
So we now have a good idea of the shots we can get. The footage from the GoPro is just amazing. The pics don’t do it justice.
But we had a great day and Dave took the kids out for a sail, theirs and the neighbours two as well.
He also took Yana out and they had a great sail.
There is far more footage to wade through and make some highlights from and we’ll get something up on Youtube soon.
So this week I am probably staying here in Waihi Beach. I’m going to go do some fishing from the kayak as the locals say that there is plenty to be had just outside the breakers. There is plenty being caught off the various longlines/Torpedos that are being put out in the evenings here. We had a lovely feed on Saturday night after the neighbour put his Torpedo out and came home with his limit after giving away some to others on the beach.
The wind is up a bit today but it certainly isn’t the rainy weather that the weather  forecasters had predicted for today so who knows what is going to happen. It did rain overnight and that may have been our rain. Who knows.
I am looking forward to my sister and her husband meeting up with me here this week sometime. Roger has decided that he needs to get some fishing in, so we can do that together. I am also going to be doing some of the walks around here.
Dave, Yana, Jimi, Tyler and I went riding down to Bowentown yesterday, a nice little ride along the estuary side of the peninsular. There is a bike/walking track that is nice and flat and meanders along nicely. We ended up at the BMX track beside the surf club and had a bit of fun there.
We had seen a paraglider with an engine on the way out there and he landed up on the hill behind the BMX track so Dave shot off to talk to him. When we got back to base camp, the paraglider pilot arrived and we chatted for quite a while and compared footage. He showed us some amazing footage of a flight that he had dome off a mountain between Rotorua and Taupo. Just beautiful. He hasn’t been doing it for long and had taken lessons at Fergusson Park, Tauranga, starting out kite surfing. I told him about our weekend there, watching them all practice and then head out onto the water. He said that it hadn’t taken him long to progress to putting the motor on his back.
So it’s bye for now from lovely Waihi Beach.

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