Sunday, April 13, 2014

Water, water everywhere….

This is a little post to explain my water filtering system in the bus.
It is in response to a request from the motorhome forum at
The question was raised about the best filter to use and so here is my system.
In the rear locker I have a bag with a specific water hose that only gets used for filling the tank, a dual cartridge filter system and a small water pump that is driven by a cordless drill.
These store neatly in the side of the rear locker. Everything is interconnected with standard domestic hose fittings and the ends are connected together to prevent contamination via dust etc.
The filters then sit on a pair of bolts in the rear
and is connected to the water inlet on the side of the bus.
The first picture shows the intake covered with a homemade cap to keep the nasties out. I screw in a standard tap fitting and the outflow side of the filters clip on via a short length of hose.
The in side of the filters is then connected to either a tap or the drill mounted water pump.
I make sure that the flow is not too fast and it can take a while to fill 350 litres if I let it get too low.
The little drill mounted water pump works at a great speed. I use a cable tie on the trigger of the drill.
The specs of the filter as as follows. The first filter is a 20 micron pleated filter to essentially get rid of the sediment and large contaminants and then the second is a 0.5 micron carbon block filter. This is sufficient to get rid of the nasties like giardia and certainly gets rid of the chlorine taste from town water supplies. I believe that it does a pretty good job with heavy metals as well. I expect it to last at least a year or more.
This was purchased from and he was great. We spent quite a while talking about what I was doing, what I thought I needed and how I wanted to set it up and then he came up with this system. I was there about 1 1/2 hours all up.
The cost was around $275 for the setup and it was money well spent.
Hope this helps.

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