Thursday, April 24, 2014

Phil and Tilley at Waihi Beach

Last night I went to the first live performance for a very long time. It was to see two young guys at the Fire Station in Waihi Beach and yes it was THE fire station not a club called the fire station. They are an acoustic folk duo called Phil and Tilley. They were amazing. Phil is lead vocal and plays a mean acoustic guitar and Tilley is back up vocal and plays a brilliant double bass. The combination is pretty awesome stuff. 
Here is a link to a YouTube clip of theirs. 
Phil and Tilley Live

It was a great evening. 

I am currently in Waihi Beach staying alongside my dear friend Yana who is a brilliant artist, and her two sons. Her husband Dave will be back in a couple of days he has to work poor sod. 
We are all parked on the family section where they have built 'The Utility' a small kitchen, shower and loo. There are caravan sockets to which various caravans can hook up and families can join together over the holidays etc. 
Yana has been grateful for the adult company as she has been here for a week so far. 
I have been keeping her company and helping with the cooking. Spaghetti and meat balls last night and Sweet and Sour Pork tonight. She loves not having to cook!  
Well I finally sorted out my issues with my power/solar panels today with a visit to Bill's Bus Stop in Tauranga. We all piled into the bus as Yana needed to do some shopping and we headed to Bill. He got up on the roof and told me that the kayak had to go!  
What is happening is that the kayak is shading the solar panel and dropping the available power. So he finally admitted that I probably needed the kayak as an integral part of my lifestyle and we looked at alternatives. We were also looking to increase the wattage on the roof. After a bit of discussion we decided to move the position of the current panel sideways and then put a new one across the roof sideways over the shower vent, raised up enough to allow the vent to open. He also said that later down the track I could add two more panels on the back end of the   bus. 
So I am booked in to get this done on Tuesday week after next. I hope it's not raining as I need to leave the bus as 'he doesn't work well with an audience'. 
I shall organise a bike ride for the day. 
So I shall probably stay here in Waihi Beach til then. I am going to find out about the fishing here and go for some bike rides and walks. There are some nice ones around here I believe. 
I am also being persuaded to take my pottery boxes in to a craft shop here tomorrow to see if the owner is interested in selling them. We shall see.

CANZAC biscuits!
Yana decided she wanted Anzac biscuits yesterday and so when we went shopping for the coconut and golden syrup the store only had large tins if golden syrup!  So I decided that I would use maple syrup instead. My sister had brought me some genuine Canadian maple syrup back from her last trip to Canada. They taste quite different but still very nice but I think I made them too thick so they are not as crisp as they should be. Still for my first time not bad! 

It's been very interesting with people seeing Yana and me together and knowing Dave had to go home. But best was when No.1 son happily tells the neighbours that Dad had to go home and Frederick had came to play with Mommy!  They had some fun with that one until Yana went over and explained the situation. I said that she should have said that Dave had not only known but had given his approval for me to come play with Yana!  Shouldn't shock the neighbours too much though!  But out of it came an invite for me to park up at a Mt Maunganui place anytime I was passing through. This came from a couple who had dropped in for the evening in ther campervan, without even meeting me. How neat people can be!