Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The wheels on the bus go round and round…..

Monday and yesterday were spent checking all the wheel nuts on the bus.
Roger had suggested that I make sure that I could change a wheel if necessary and that everything worked and I could manage to do it by myself.
SO it was a matter of getting things out and taking each wheel nut off one by one, greasing it with a special marine non-stick grease and then putting it back on. This worked well with the front….
The wheel brace is quite large, two separate sections of pipe and a bar which gives me a huge amount of leverage.
When it came to the back wheels, being dual wheels, I had to take the outers off completely and then do the inner nuts.
I drove the bus up onto my levelling boards, placed so that they were under the inner wheels only. This then enabled me to take the outer wheels off easily without having to use the jack.
It was a bit of fun with the left hand/right hand threads. I had to remember which side of the bus I was working on.
Also with the wheel trims, Roger did a bit of panel beating and welding to sort out a bit of a mess on one as someone had tried to remove the wheel trim without removing the hubometer or the axel cover. Some of the captive nuts needed to be spot welded as they were loose and rotated making it very difficult to remove the bolts…..
Still we managed to get things back together and sorted, I now know what to take off to remove the rear wheels and even checked the spare tyre, making sure I could get it down and out from its hidey hole. So all the nuts are greased, tightened and tyre pressures checked and topped up as necessary. All were within 5-8.PSI of where they should have been.
Quite a lengthy process as each wheel has six nuts so all told 36 nuts were taken off, greased and replaced.
Learning all they way! But now I feel confident that I can change any wheel if I ever get a puncture!