Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We are sailing, we are sailing…..


I am currently at Whakamaru Recreation Reserve. #3286 with Dragons’ Rest, my sister and her husband. Today is their 43rd wedding anniversary and they started with a lovely bacon and egg breakfast.

Yesterday I arrived here at about 12.30 and had a bit of a wander about on the bike waiting to see what the wind would do. Not much as it turned out but I decided that I would give it  go anyway. Roger and I set up the cat and carried it down to the waters edge.

Setting up catP1090206

It was a lovely little quiet sail with little to no breeze but it was apparent to me just how little breeze it takes to move the MiniCat through the water.









It was a lovely evening with a guy fishing off the point. We became armchair critics of his technique but were very aware that it was harder than he made it look.


So this area is magnificent. The lake is just above the Whakamaru Dam, and is nestled amongst some interesting landscapes.

This morning was a bit overcast but a bit of a breeze so after my breakfast I headed out onto the lake again.









Unfortunately I struck a patch of weed and was becalmed for a while, but then managed a lovely hour sailing across the lake and back, tacking upstream and having a lovely time. Interesting when I wasn’t paying attention and hit a patch of weed and came to a grinding halt, but a bit of to and fro on the tiller got me free and away I was again.

The cloud is starting to lift now at 11:45am and the sun is starting to peek through and the wind has died off so it might be a kayak this afternoon, or might do a bit of a bike ride as we are on the last third of the Waikato River Trail. I am probably going to be doing most of it over the next week or so.

At least for the next while I am in decent internet area so can post a bit more regularly.

My condolences, late though they are, go out to Bernice from the who’s father passed away last week. I know the feeling when families only get together for funerals. My sisters and I had not been all together for over 20 years before we all came together for my mum’s funeral last year. I am glad that you are blogging again.

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  1. Frederick, so many thanks for your kind words, I really really appreciate them.