Monday, July 21, 2014

Catch up time again.

Well haven't done much over the past couple of weeks but the ear specialist visit was sucessfull. He put a telescope in my ear and I was able to see the inner of my ear. Quite spectacular and a nice pink colour. He was very happy with it. He did say he needs to go back in to check if there is any regrowth but he will do it through a tiny hole in my ear drum rather that full surgery. He wants to get it done before the end of November which is great.
So I've wandered back to Walton for a couple of days to get my COF done on the bus and grease it and get organised for a trip around Taranaki through to Palmerston North to deliver the workshop that was to have been delivered in Kaitaia.   Then who knows.......
Loving the weather, crisp and cool and there was a dusting of snow on the Kaimai Range this morning. 
So restocking on sweet chilli sauce, lemon cordial, and other bits and bobs.....then off again.

Safe travels everyone.

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