Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Onward from New Plymouth

A lovely evening was had on the first night in New Plymouth after our bike ride.

In the morning a beautiful sunrise was see in the opposite direction….


And i watched as a large gas tanker came in after spending the previous day offshore.

Quite amazing the way the tugs combined to spin the ship around and back it into position alongside the wharf.

We then drove up to the new NZMCA parkover property and had a nosy around…


we then went for a walk along the track towards town and returned, interesting little wander, some of the track closed off due to slips in the last storm and so there were diggers and bobcats working at one point along the track that was closed. We wandered the streets for a while and then turned back and came back the other side.


Then the day settled into a pretty miserable day, and we hunkered down back on the waterfront and had a lovely dinner.

So this morning we watched a small navy vessel come in close to the breakwater and release two small inflatables and they headed in to the wharf and when I asked what was going on was told that they were taking some VIP’s out to the ship for a look around and then the ship was coming in to port for the weekend.

From there we headed southwards on SH45 “The Surf Highway” and filled the gas bottle, fuel tank and larder and headed to Oakura for a bit to eat.

A windswept piece of beach and as the day was clouding over we headed through to Okato to have a look at a walkway there. It was not much but I took a little wander through the bush, I think I lost the track somewhere but managed to come out somewhere near where I was meant to be.

From there it was down the road another 6km to Paora Road Beach where we will spend the night. A lovely boulder strewn beach tucked away at the end of a little road.

No sign of the mountain at all today, last seen in this direction…..


Should be a lovely sunset though…..

Safe travels everyone.