Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Plymouth

So this morning we left Mike’s Organic Brewery….


and travelled through to Bell Block to “take a dump” and clean out tanks.

At the dump station we had the most wonderful sight of Mt Taranaki in the distance.

Then on to the domain where we hauled out the bikes and headed off to bike the Coastal Walkway.

At the end was the lovely Te Rewa Rewa Bridge. A wonderful piece of design.

After a bite of lunch, a wonderful ham and pineapple toasted sandwich we took a walk to the end of the walkway and onto the breakwater, where we are now parked for the night.

So a lovely day, awesome weather here at the moment and its a beautiful spot. Heading around the mountain in an anti-clockwise direction over the next week or so.

Safe travels everyone.

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