Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Safe and sound....

Well the past 48 hours were quite interesting!
I left Napier Airport on Tuesday heading for Kaitaia via Auckland.
There was a question over getting through to Kaitaia as the weather was pretty nasty. But leaving Napier where the weather was nice, I didn't realise just how ugly it was.
So flight was cancelled and I got on a flight to Whangarei and had organised with the person who had organised the workshop I was delivering that we would drive up together from Whangarei.
Well flying into Whangarei was a pretty white knuckle time, with the last 10 mins being pretty wobbly and hairy!  but safely on the ground and he plane kept rocking after we stopped, that's how bad the wind was.
So Tracey and I got into the car and headed north, only getting as far as Kawakawa when we decided we were being stupid. Got a coffee and turned around and headed back to Whangarei.
So stayed the night with my lovely sister and she took me back out to the airport to catch flight back to Auckland, but that flight was cancelled due to high winds and then she offered to drive me to Auckland,
I offered the back seats to another two heading to Auckland and so the 4 of us headed off. Had a bit of a detour around from Kaiwaka through Mangawhai and back out to SH1.
So got there in time for everyone to catch their planes....
Huge thanks to Lorna for that!
So arrived back in Napier then decided to start heading back to Auckland and got as far as Tarawera Cafe for the night. Nice park over property and apart for a bit of traffic noise very nice. Then headed over to Taupo this morning and arrived at the NZMCA property at Taupo Airport for the night.

Then off to Auckland for the medical check up on Monday.

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