Sunday, July 27, 2014


So now back on the road again after a short hiatus in Auckland and a couple of days in Walton.

I am on the way to Taranaki. So leaving Walton this morning, I stopped off at Leamington (Cambridge) and with Brenda and Roger, headed off on our bikes towards Karapiro. A nice little warm up ride of 8km return.

It was a lovely ride along a cool concrete pathway that was laid by a machine at a rate of 800m in 4 hours.

When we got to Karapiro, the view was lovely as it was a perfect day and its a rather interesting spot with all the lovely buildings for the rowing etc.

So from there I headed west towards Kihikihi here lunch was had beside the lovely church there and from there I moved across to Te Kuiti and the Mangaokewa Reserve about 3km south of Te Kuiti (the shearing capital of NZ).

It is a lovely spot tucked in from the road with a railway viaduct over the entrance and then at the road end a lovely spot with campsites and two lovely streams.

It will be interesting to hear a train going over the viaduct tonight…..

Tomorrow off towards Marakopa.

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